Indra Budi

HR Manager, Entrepreneur, Read 1 book a week

04 Feb 2016

"Stop overthinking, worrying, and stressing yourself out. Everything will be okay. It may not seem like it at the moment but when you let go and feel that sense of inner ease, great things begin to happen.


Did you know most of what we resist or fight, continues to happen in our lives? Just like a magnet, we pull towards us the thoughts and feelings we constantly project, regardless of whether those thoughts are positive or negative.


Tahukan Anda bahwa kebanyakan dari pikiran yang kita tentang (resist) atau yang kita lawan (fight), justru bisa menjadi kenyataan dalam hidup kita ?,  Ia bekerja seperti magnet, pikiran itu terus menerus kita panggil, dan akhirnya kekhawatiran itu benar-benar muncul dalam kehidupan kita, tidak peduli itu apakah pikiran tersebut positif atau negatif.

Each thought you have is connected to an emotion. That thought triggers the emotion, which then triggers the thought again.


Most people don't realize the emotion they are feeling is coming from a thought. This is a never ending cycle which we call overthinking.

I've learned that changing the thought, in turn changes the emotion which no longer triggers those same thoughts. Start there first!


Letting go puts ease into your heart. It makes you a believer of possibilities. Letting go is the inner action that removes the fear, upset and tunnel vision.
The moment you let go, you restore your ability to see clearly. You become creative and able to discover solutions that you could never have seen before.



The more you trust, the more you are able to let go, and the more life turns out okay. This in turn reinforces trusting. When you don't trust, you fight, resist, hang on, and withdraw. This makes everything worse.

Ultimately, trust is a choice. It’s something you create. It's a declaration: "I will be okay no matter what happens. I trust, just because I say so."

Trust is also telling the truth. You have had tough times before and you have made it through every one of them. If you are in a tough time now, this too will pass. Life is only threatening when you resist. So stop resisting and trust. Trust that you will be okay no matter what happens.